About Kiran Dhillon

Kiran Dhillon is an artist based in Seattle, WA. She began experimenting with fluid acrylics and pouring techniques in 2019. What started out as a fun activity with friends became a serious hobby. She really enjoys the meditative nature of pour painting and uses her time in the studio for self-expression and reflection. Music is an important part of her creative process. The movement of paint and the painter are often driven by her choice of music for a particular piece.

Kiran is a scientist by profession. She has a PhD in Genetics from the University of Washington and is currently the Executive Director of the UW Medicine Cancer Vaccine Institute. Science requires creative solutions. She firmly believes that leaning into art and other creative expression helps her be better in the science world and all other aspects of life. She also serves on the Board of Directors for two nonprofit organizations: Northwest Film Forum and Refugee Women's Alliance.

Creativity is contagious, pass it on.

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