This pair of 12x12's was my first Dutch pour attempt. It now hangs in a friend's house in California.

This piece was a true labor of love. One of my dear friends asked me to create the beach for them. I used a puddle pour to first paint the beach using coppers and golds. I then used a series of blues and a blow dryer Dutch pour technique to create the motion of the waves crashing onto the beach.

The Costa Rica series contains four pieces inspired by the diversity and beauty of that country: El Fuego, La Flora, La Jungla, and La Playa, representing the volcanos, flowers, jungles, and beaches of CR. I visited Costa Rica in January 2020 before the world changed forever. I'll cherish those memories forever. I gave this Costa Rica series as a gift to my friends whose wedding I was attending there. These pieces are 8x10in Dutch pours on black canvas.

Why is this awesome?

This pair of Dutch pours was created for a dear friend. I chose teal as a common color because it represents the color for awareness of ovarian cancer - a devastating disease that takes away too many every year. I wanted to create motion as a symbol of progress against adversity.