This set of 2 12inx12in paintings are part of my exploration of the color spectrum. I used a flip cup method with a small amount of silicone on a canvas painted black. The colors, like some of my other works, were inspired by the cover of the book "Aviary."

Cheetah Fierce is an 18in x 36in flip cup pour on canvas with Mars black, gold, and bronze with silicone. The metallic colors in this beauty crave light to shine at heir best. I've shown pictures from both indoor warm light and with brighter sunlight. I'm not sure how I got drawn into capturing aspects of wild cats but here we are!

I just love the vibrancy and freshness of this piece! I couldn't be called anything other than Primavera which means spring in Spanish.

Caribbean Coast was an experiment in playing with aqua green, yellow ochre, and burnt umber. It was the second experiment after Byzantine. Both paintings have the same colors but different pouring techniques.

Marble was my first attempt at larger size paintings. Canvas and liquid paint can be heavy and difficult to handle. It was fun to figure out how I would scale up from 12x12 or 18x18 to this 24x36 using a flip cup technique. There's been no looking back since! This piece was purchased by friends.

This is one of my all-time favorite pieces. This is a flip cup technique with silicone added.