Inspired by and created during the Fremont Solstice parade, the name seemed appropriate. I see each piece in this series as different lyrics of the same song. Can you feel the music?

This piece is part of a set of four. Each piece can stand alone or be part of a set of 2, 3, or 4.

I made this piece as a treat to myself for going back into the office. It was still drying at my studio when I got a call that the building was on fire! Luckily my studio escaped any real fire damage other than a very strong smell of smoke and a door busted down by firefighters. Phoenix seemed like an appropriate name since it survived the blaze. Base color is a deep purple/aubergine and swipe colors are antique gold and mix of purples lightened with gold. The photo with the plants captures close to the actual colors.

I love this pair of 24x20s with Prussian blue, electric blue, and antique gold. I used a swipe technique for these beauties! Check out my blog post on these pieces including videos from the fresh pour and when dry.

This piece was a birthday present for my nephew. My favorite part of my art journey is to be able to share it with my family - especially my niece and nephews.

I made this piece as a birthday present for my beautiful niece! She chose the colors. I tend to not go into purples much but I'm really pleased with how this turned out.