I'm in love with this piece! It begs to be petted as you walk by. You almost expect to feel the textures created by the paint. The textures give the illusion of the fur from wild cats. Please don't touch it, it might [...]
Glassblowing artists use 'murrini' which are canes of different colored glass that are layered usually in a ring and then cross sections are cut and applied to create a pattern on the glass piece. The result is almost kaleidoscopic as the rings fuse with each [...]
On Fire
On Fire is meant to represent the base of a flame. The depiction is so realistic that it attracted a little fly which is now fossilized within the [...]
Peacock in Bronze
The feathers of a peacock are nothing short of stunning. I love how so many of the blues and greens blend into metallic tones. This piece is one of a few that are inspired by the play of colors and shapes seen on a peacock [...]
Rainbow at Night - Pair
This set of 2 12inx12in paintings are part of my exploration of the color spectrum. I used a flip cup method with a small amount of silicone on a canvas painted black. The colors, like some of my other works, were inspired by the cover of the book [...]
This is a 12x12 piece that I created about a year ago. I love combining Prussian Blue with copper. The colors just work and call my [...]